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New Home? Refinish And Repair Hardwood Floors Before You Move In.

Perhaps you have newly purchased a house, or are you planning to purchase a new home soon? Among the remainder of your miles-long to-do list, here's another item to add: refinish and fix the hardwood flooring in your new house before you move in. Do yourself a favor and have the Floor Sanders Services team take care of this daunting endeavor for you. You will thank yourself in the long term! You'll Save Time Later Though we work hard to finish the task in a timely manner, most hardwood remodeling jobs require between 2 to 5 days, based on the scope of the undertaking. Using the flooring refinishing completed before your move-in date, you'll save yourself time that you are going to have the ability to spend doing other things to get your house the way you need it. Curious about our process? Your Floors Will Be Perfectly Clean For You Once the floors are refinished, your home will be literally move-in ready. Any pet stains, water stains, damage, or dents will be taken care of